Tuesday, November 13, 2018



1.Groups within the Parish can apply to the fund. Those outside the parish who can demonstrate direct benefit to the

inhabitants will also be eligible to apply.

2. The Parish Council will support both capital and revenue projects. Projects with total cost of £15,000 and below will be      

eligible to apply for funding.

3. Groups will apply to the fund using the agreed application form.

4. Groups will be expected to supply accompanying documentation as detailed on the application form.

5. Groups can apply twice per year but may bid for several elements of a project in the application. Applications must be

received by 31st March/ 30st September.

6. All applications will be considered with regards to financial stability of the groups and judged on their own merits.

7. Groups will be expected to contribute some of their own funds to the project although a set percentage has not been agreed

8. Where partnership funding is being sourced outside the parish, the council would wish to see that such funding has been

secured prior to awarding a grant.

9. Retrospective applications will not be allowed.

The application form can be found at:









Consultation opens on the Member Awarded Funding (MAF) scheme:

The Member Awarded Funding (MAF) scheme funds projects in South Gloucestershire provided by voluntary and community groups, charities, social enterprises (VCSE) and Town and Parish Councils. In March 2016 the Council's Environment and Community Services Committee agreed to implement the MAF scheme and this was launched later in the year. As part of this it was agreed that the MAF process would be reviewed initially after a twelve month period and thereafter as appropriate with any changes identified and implemented as required.

It is essential that this scheme meets the Council's legal obligations, provides transparency and clarity for local groups and safeguards public funding in a proportionate manner.  However, it is also important that all users are able to comment on how the scheme has operated and, where changes are identified these are considered and applied as required to improve the system.

Have your say:

You can tell us your views on the operation of the MAF scheme by clicking on this MAF Review Survey link.

This consultation is open from 3 September until 19 November 2018.

The findings from this consultation and views gathered from Councillors will be considered at the Executive Member Meeting in December 2018.

The survey is adaptive to smartphones, tablets and PCs and has an accessible version in plain text.  If you need to complete the survey in another format or if you have any queries then please contact the Grants Helpline by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01454 865865. 


Restoring species rich meadows

Restoring species rich meadows, is now on Friday 16th March between 10-11:30am.  The event will be in Olveston on the Aust Road, close to the junction with Elberton Road, BS35 4DE 

Olveston Football Club will be referred to as OUAFC and the Parish Council will be referred to as OPC.

Over a number of years, the status of the Recreation Ground at Old Down, a registered Village Green has been discussed but not to any great extent or detail. Specific matters have been have been looked at but not really the green as a whole. Due to events in the last six months there has arisen a need for the current council to gain a greater and more rounded understanding of the implications of having and managing a Village Green and the balance of improvements for the betterment of lawful sports and pastimes.

There is also a realisation by OPC that the issues of a Village Green are more complex and far more open to interpretation than it first thought. Because of this OPC is considering consulting specialists in the field of Village Greens and Common Land to reinforce its understanding of the restrictions and limits in relation to what has already occurred on the village green since the 1969 registration and what the council would like to do in the future.

This will help OPC to ensure that the Village Green remains appropriately protected, whilst maximising its potential in its use for lawful sports and pastimes and preventing unnecessary harm to the green.

It has become apparent that there have been a number of rumours and OPC would like to set the record straight in regard to the following items:

Olveston Parish Council welcomed Nina Lewis-Leaver as the newest member to sit on the Parish Council at the end of its meeting on the 23rd January 2018.

Nina, lives in Olveston with two daughters at Olveston CEVC School, and previously has helped run the local Mother & Toddler Group.

All current Council vacancies have now been filled.



Clerk – Olveston Parish Council


Our Parish Clerk, Richard Rogers, is leaving us as Clerk and will cease employment at the end of June 18


Richard has been Clerk to The Council for the past seven years during which time he has successfully navigated the many edicts and directives from South Gloucestershire Council. At the same time he has managed the increasing complexity of our Council business.


We thank Richard for his loyalty and will greatly miss the help and advice which he gave us all on Council matters. He takes with us our best wishes for the future.




John Hughes


Chairman – Olveston Parish Council


June 2018